Everything You Need to Know About Your Ears, Nose and Throat

In this Fight Back episode, Dr. Ted Mazer discusses various ear, nose, and throat conditions and disorders. From ringing in the ears, the causes and treatment for hearing loss to the loss of smell, we will cover it and get real-world answers for you.

Teletown Hall – COVID Update

On this special Fight Back minicast, we hear a clip from our very first LIVE Telephone Town Hall where we discussed the latest about the latest Covid-19 outbreak and the endemic.

Teletown Hall – COVID, June 2022

In this unique Fight Back podcast, we hosted our first LIVE telephone “Town Hall.” Hundreds of Fight Back podcast listeners called in to hear the latest news about the COVID-19 endemic, ask questions and interact with our two moderators: Dr. Brad Pollock and Steve Poizner.

Lost Insurance

Health insurance is critical for individuals and families. When you suddenly lose your health insurance because of COVID-19 or any other reason, it can feel overwhelming and difficult to determine where to start and what to do. Fortunately, there are many options available.

Childhood Cancers

Dr. Brad Pollock talks about how cancer is not just an older person’s disease, the types of cancers that strike children and young adults, the research that goes into finding effective treatment options and identifying causes of cancers, the long-term health outcomes for those who have cancer at a young age, and more.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine focuses on educating and motivating patients to change personal habits and behaviors by focusing on whole food, plant-predominant diet, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and positive social connections.

Medical Bills

In this Fight Back episode, Dr. Ted Mazer joins us to talk about how you can make your medical expenses fit into your budget. We discuss the importance of shopping for medical procedures, ways to avoid surprise billing, understanding how in and out of network physicians and procedures affect your final bill, how to negotiate hospital bills and more.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

In this Fight Back Minicast, we cover the critically important topic of advanced healthcare directives, a legal document that addresses such end-of-life issues as “do not resuscitate” orders, and more.

COVID Update: May 2022

Do you need a second COVID vaccine booster shot? Are the home rapid tests able to detect the newest variants? What’s the latest data regarding long COVID? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVIDcast to answer these questions.

Negotiate Medical Bills

Our special guest Alan Fox, a former hospital CFO, offers his unique insights on how to negotiate your medical bills.