COVID Update: May 2022

Do you need a second COVID vaccine booster shot? Are the home rapid tests able to detect the newest variants? What’s the latest data regarding long COVID? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVIDcast to answer these questions.

COVID Update: April 2022

Do you need a fourth COVID vaccine booster shot? Will we need annual COVID vaccine shots, just like shots for the flu? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVID update to answer these questions, and more.

COVID Update: March 2022

In our March COVID Update episode, Dr. Pollack joins us to talk about the origins, definitions, and differences of an epidemic, pandemic, and endemic. We also discuss when the COVID pandemic could become endemic, the state of COVID variants, and the potential for more “variants of concern.”

COVID Update: February 2022

Introducing our new series, “What you need to know about COVID 19.” Dr. Brad Pollock from UC Davis joins us with the latest information on COVID 19, its variants, treatments, and other questions. Enjoy the February, 2022, update.