Developmental Disabilities

In this minicast, Ken Barnes talks about growing up with his developmentally disabled twin brother and the issues he and his family went through caring for him. Former Options for All CEO Ken Barns shares how to work through these issues and the available resources.

Holiday Blues

Dr. Richard Sherman, a licensed psychologist in private practice, joins us to talk about the holiday blues.

COVID in New York

Dr. Zucker shares New York’s experience as the first hot spot for COVID-19, dealing with shutdowns, masks, vaccines, and overrun emergency rooms. Join us as we take a quick look back at the start of COVID-19 in New York

Medicare: How To Sign Up

Medicare is complicated, and many who are about to or have recently turned 65 face many choices and daunting questions.

In this episode, we talk with Medicare Expert Karen Johnson of Wellcare to learn the details about how to enroll successfully in Medicare.

Covered California

Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California, talks about the many facets of the Covered California program, including who qualifies, how the program works, what options consumers have if they lose their job, and how to navigate the open enrollment process.

Digital Records

In this Fight Back minicast, we talk with Gary Cohen, Vice President of Government Affairs at Blue Shield of California, about bringing healthcare into the digital age. We discuss what needs to happen to make electronic records work, hurdles to overcome regarding privacy concerns, and what consumers can do during the “digital transition.”

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Host Steve Poizner talks with Dr. Melamed about how you can fight back against the inflammatory foods so pervasive in the American diet and improve your physical well-being with some easy-to-access, affordable anti-inflammatory food strategies. Listen in to this health-changing Minicast for more!

Student Athletes

In this Fight Back Minicast, we talk with Adriana Contreras about the health and safety of student athletes.

Economics of Healthcare

In this Fight Back Minicast, we talk with Sean Flynn, an assistant professor of economics at Scripps College, about the economics of our healthcare system: why consumers don’t pay much attention to healthcare costs, why health insurance companies spend so much, and why employers don’t push for reform.

Service Dogs

Michelle Williams, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for Canine Companions, and Stefanie Lund, a volunteer breeder of service canines, discuss the difference between service, therapy, and emotional support dogs and how they can improve their owner’s health, especially veterans.