COVID Vaccine: Is It Safe?

In this Minicast release, FightBack revisits a conversation we had with vaccine expert Dr. Mike Ybarra during the early days of the COVID-19 vaccine. We talk about how the vaccine was developed, how the clinical trial process works, and how herd immunity and vaccines work together.

Autism, Part 2

Kristin Jacobson discusses the laws and regulations that provide ASD patients with the rights to treatments, requirements for health insurance companies to cover such treatments, and much more.

Autism, Part 1

In this FightBack! Minicast, we discuss autism with former California Assemblywoman Suzette Martinez Valladares, and former Executive Director of Southern California Autism Speaks. Suzette will help us understand ASD, the critical importance of parent advocacy, and available resources to patients and families.

Oral Health

Our special guest, Dr. Joel Strom, discusses how oral hygiene impacts overall health and how preventive care almost always spares you from losing teeth and other problems.

Physical Therapy

In this minicast release from Fight Back, we learn about physical therapy. Our special guest is Dr. Rick Katz, who worked as a physical therapist in hospital and outpatient settings. He developed programs for cardiac, pulmonary, and stroke patients, a sports injury clinic, and a coaches clinic.

Dr. Katz will give our listeners a quick look at when you might need a physical therapist, how to access care, and if your insurance plays a role in access to care. Join us as we tune in or listen to the full release here.

Developmental Disabilities, Part 2

In this FightBack! minicast, join us as we welcome back Ken Barnes to explore the opportunities that persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities have in the workforce.

Developmental Disabilities

In this minicast, Ken Barnes talks about growing up with his developmentally disabled twin brother and the issues he and his family went through caring for him. Former Options for All CEO Ken Barns shares how to work through these issues and the available resources.

Holiday Blues

Dr. Richard Sherman, a licensed psychologist in private practice, joins us to talk about the holiday blues.

COVID in New York

Dr. Zucker shares New York’s experience as the first hot spot for COVID-19, dealing with shutdowns, masks, vaccines, and overrun emergency rooms. Join us as we take a quick look back at the start of COVID-19 in New York