Health Advocate

Health Advocates support and advocate on behalf of patients and their families when a third party’s expertise and knowledge can improve treatments and navigate a complicated health situation. Could a health advocate help you or your loved one? What specific kind of services do health advocates provide? Join us as Linda answers these and other questions.

Digital Records

In this Fight Back minicast, we talk with Gary Cohen, Vice President of Government Affairs at Blue Shield of California, about bringing healthcare into the digital age. We discuss what needs to happen to make electronic records work, hurdles to overcome regarding privacy concerns, and what consumers can do during the “digital transition.”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr. Poizner joins us to discuss a very complicated and challenging issue: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly known as PTSD. While most are familiar with PTSD as it relates to Armed Forces Service members, Dr. Poizner reminds us that there are many forms of PTSD, and anyone who has suffered a traumatic event can suffer from PTSD. Our conversation today looks at the many types of PTSD, what symptoms look like, the types of treatment, and how to access treatment.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Host Steve Poizner talks with Dr. Melamed about how you can fight back against the inflammatory foods so pervasive in the American diet and improve your physical well-being with some easy-to-access, affordable anti-inflammatory food strategies. Listen in to this health-changing Minicast for more!


Dr. Cari Spencer joins us to discuss the medical practice of naturopathy, an area of medical treatment of which most consumers are unaware. She talks about the type of doctors who practice naturopathy, what naturopathy really is, how you can find a practitioner, and how a Doctor of Naturopathy could help you diagnose your health problems or improve your health. Join us today as we discuss Naturopathy 101!

Student Athletes

In this Fight Back Minicast, we talk with Adriana Contreras about the health and safety of student athletes.

COVID Update: August 2022

What’s the latest on “Long-COVID”? What is the current predominant subvariant in the United States? What do we know about the new vaccine coming out in the fall of 2022?

Economics of Healthcare

In this Fight Back Minicast, we talk with Sean Flynn, an assistant professor of economics at Scripps College, about the economics of our healthcare system: why consumers don’t pay much attention to healthcare costs, why health insurance companies spend so much, and why employers don’t push for reform.

The NY COVID Experience

City of New York and COVID

Dr. Howard Zucker, the former New York State Public Health Commissioner, shares New York’s experience as the first hot spot for COVID-19, dealing with shutdowns, masks, vaccines, and overrun emergency rooms.

COVID Update: July 2022

Should we be worried about the Ba5 COVID subvariant? Is a “master” vaccine that targets all omicron variants possible? Should I vaccinate my child? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVIDcast to answer these questions.