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“Fight Back” is the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation’s podcast. Each episode tells the personal story of someone who has been tripped up by the healthcare system in some way—insurance claims denied, not getting the referral to a specialist or medical procedure one needs, an unexpected “out of network” bill, and so forth. Then we interview a relevant expert who can provide the insights, resources, and help to solve these kinds of problems while navigating our complex healthcare system.

We recently introduced a new product called the “Minicast,” a shortened form of a podcast. We will be producing two types of Minicasts. One is highlights from previous episodes edited to short, bite-sized audio files. Perfect when you want to sample a topic before listening to the entire thirty-minute plus podcast. Then we will use our Minicast format for interviews and updates that do not require a full podcast treatment but can be summarized in five minutes or less—a great way to cut through the noise and clutter of medical news and get to the nuggets of important medical information and tips. Enjoy!


Alzheimer’s Breakthroughs

In this Fight Back Minicast episode, our special guest, Claire Day, discusses the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and how it differs from dementia and answers questions about the newly FDA-approved treatment for Alzheimer’s.

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