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“Fight Back” is the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation’s podcast. Each episode tells the personal story of someone who has been tripped up by the healthcare system in some way—insurance claims denied, not getting the referral to a specialist or medical procedure one needs, an unexpected “out of network” bill, and so forth. Then we interview a relevant expert who can provide the insights, resources, and help to solve these kinds of problems while navigating our complex healthcare system.


Cardiovascular Disease

In this episode of Fight Back, Dr. Laith Alshawabkeh, a board-certified cardiologist, covers in-depth a variety of topics surrounding cardiovascular disease, including the advancements in the treatment of heart disease—valve replacements, stents, pacemakers, heart transplants—the long-term effects of COVID, how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, and more.

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Personal Trainer—Is It Right For You?

In this episode of Fight Back, we talk with certified physical trainer Nicholas Andrus about how to find a physical trainer best suited for your desired outcomes, the importance of a collaborative trainer-client relationship, the positive mental and physical health benefits of a training program, and more.

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Holiday Blues

Feeling a bit “blue” or downcast during the holidays is common. But this year, many will have to face the added stress and anxiety of dealing with the effects of COVID on family gatherings. Dr. Sherman, former President of the CA Psychological Association, explains the holiday blues and offers tips regarding coping with COVID challenges, how to stay mentally healthy through it all, and much more.

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Student Athletics

Adriana Contreras joins us to discuss the health and safety of student-athletes in high school and collegiate sports. Our topics include how parents should communicate with their children’s coaches and doctors to create a healthy sporting experience, the mental health challenges brought on by high-pressure athletics—including the lessons learned from Simone Biles’ Olympic experiences—and much more.

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In this episode of Fight Back! we explore the topic of hospice care with Kendra Micka, a Medical Social Worker in the Department of Hospice at Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento. Kendra discusses what hospice care means and what it encompasses, the choices families can make for their loved ones nearing the end of their lives, how it is covered by insurance or Medicare, and much more.

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