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“Fight Back” is the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation’s podcast. Each episode tells the personal story of someone who has been tripped up by the healthcare system in some way—insurance claims denied, not getting the referral to a specialist or medical procedure one needs, an unexpected “out of network” bill, and so forth. Then we interview a relevant expert who can provide the insights, resources, and help to solve these kinds of problems while navigating our complex healthcare system.



In this episode of Fight Back, we talk extensively about chiropractic care with Dr. Steven Barham, who decided to enter the profession after chiropractic care healed his back injury. He discusses with us the origins and evolution of chiropractic care, what patients should do to find the right chiropractor, what they can expect at their first visit, and much more.

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Assisted Suicide, Part 2

In part two of our discussion of the controversial but important issue of physician-assisted suicide, we talk with Dr. Brian Callister, a nationally recognized expert in hospital care transitions and end-of-life care. Dr. Callister will discuss why he and others oppose physician-assisted suicide laws and how these laws have a wide-ranging impact on our healthcare system and patients.

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Assisted Suicide, Part 1

With this episode, we begin a special two-part series on physician-assisted suicide/medical aid-in-dying. In part one, we welcome our special guest, Dr. Lonny Shavelson, for an in-depth discussion about physician-assisted suicide/medical aid in dying laws in states around the country, how the process works in practice, what patients need to know about this end-of-life option, the issues surrounding insurance coverage, and more.

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On this episode of Fight Back, we talk with special guest Dr. Alan Sanders, a specialist in infectious diseases. Dr. Sanders gives us a behind-the-scenes look at telemedicine, from the implementation and use of the technology to what consumers should do to educate themselves on how telemedicine can work for them, and more.

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Physical Therapy: Improving Your Recovery

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Rick Katz, who has developed physical therapy programs for cardiac, pulmonary, and stroke patients and held numerous positions with the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Katz talks about how physical therapy can improve recovery after surgery, eliminate the need for painkillers, and how physical therapy can play a pro-active role in a healthy lifestyle as we age, and much more.

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