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“Fight Back” is the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation’s podcast. Each episode tells the personal story of someone who has been tripped up by the healthcare system in some way—insurance claims denied, not getting the referral to a specialist or medical procedure one needs, an unexpected “out of network” bill, and so forth. Then we interview a relevant expert who can provide the insights, resources, and help to solve these kinds of problems while navigating our complex healthcare system.

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Pharmacy 101

Take a quick course in Pharmacy 101 with Debby Johnson, former President of the California Pharmacist Association. We’ll dive into important topics related to the world of pharmacy, including the differences between brand and generic medicines, and much more.

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Healthcare for Dummies

Our guest, Sean Flynn, author of Economics for Dummies,” discusses how states, nonprofit organizations, and even companies—like Whole Foods—are implementing unique and cheaper ways to deliver healthcare to patients.

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COVID-19: Progress and Setbacks

As cases surge across the country and world, we provide an update on all things COVID-19 with Dr. Bob Wachter, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF.

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Holistic Medicine

Can we eliminate prescription narcotics, even after spinal surgery? It might sound far-fetched, but that is just one of the promises of Holistic Medicine. Join us as we talk with Dr. Hooman Melamed about the benefit of a holistic approach to health.

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COVID-19 Vaccine: Is It Safe?

How safe are the COVID-19 vaccines? We talk with vaccine expert and Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Mike Ybarra, to answer these and other vaccine questions.

Negotiating Medical Bills

Expected, or maybe unexpected, hospital bills can be overwhelming and significantly impact the costs of your healthcare. In this episode, we discuss whether it is possible to negotiate with your local hospital.


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