Autism Awareness, Part 2

In episode two of our two-part series on autism, we talk with special guest Kristin Jacobson, Founder of Autism Deserves Equal Coverage Foundation, about the laws and regulations that provide ASD patients with the rights to treatments, requirements for health insurance companies to cover such treatments, what you can do to fight back when facing coverage denials, and much more.

Autism Awareness

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we interview Suzette Valladares, Executive Director of Southern California Autism Speaks. Suzette will help us understand ASD, the importance of early diagnosis, how the parent-doctor and parent-teacher relationships play a huge role in diagnosis, the rights that autistic children have in the classroom, and much more.

Developmental Disabilities, Part 1

The acronym "I/DD" imposed over a plastic heart held by two hands.

Millions of people suffer from intellectual disabilities. Ken Barnes talks about growing up with his developmentally disabled twin brother. As the CEO of Options for All, a nonprofit helping the developmentally disabled, he shares how to work through these issues and the resources that are available.