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Developmental Disabilities, Part 2

In this FightBack! minicast, join us as we welcome back Ken Barnes to explore the opportunities that persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities have in the workforce.

COVID Update: August 2022

What’s the latest on “Long-COVID”? What is the current predominant subvariant in the United States? What do we know about the new vaccine coming out in the fall of 2022?

The NY COVID Experience

City of New York and COVID

Dr. Howard Zucker, the former New York State Public Health Commissioner, shares New York’s experience as the first hot spot for COVID-19, dealing with shutdowns, masks, vaccines, and overrun emergency rooms.

Teletown Hall – COVID Update

On this special Fight Back minicast, we hear a clip from our very first LIVE Telephone Town Hall where we discussed the latest about the latest Covid-19 outbreak and the endemic.


On this episode of Fight Back, we talk with special guest Dr. Alan Sanders, a specialist in infectious diseases. Dr. Sanders gives us a behind-the-scenes look at telemedicine, from the implementation and use of the technology to what consumers should do to educate themselves on how telemedicine can work for them, and more.

Covered California

In this episode, we talk with Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California, about many facets of the Covered California program, including what options consumers have for obtaining affordable health insurance even if they lose their employment.

Taiwan’s COVID-19 Success Story

Skyline of Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has reported only 550 cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths. How did they do this? We talk with Dr. Wen Chiu, former Taiwanese Minister of Health and Welfare, to find out.

COVID-19: Progress and Setbacks

Woman with mask typing on laptop computer

As cases surge across the country and world, we provide an update on all things COVID-19 with Dr. Bob Wachter, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF.

When You Lose Your Health Insurance

Young woman wearing a mask with hands behind her head and a stressful look on her face

When you suddenly lose your health insurance, it can feel difficult to know what to do, but there are options. Jenn Moore, Health Net’s chief commercial officer, joins us to talk about how to navigate this complicated process.

COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

Woman holding book staring out windows

The coronavirus has brought stress and anxiety to every American. We talk with Jessica Cruz, chief executive officer of the California chapter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), about how what people can do improve their mental wellness.