Medical Marijuana

Sally Brammell, Senior Corporate Counsel at PAX Labs, a cannabis vaporizer company, discusses the science behind medical marijuana, insurance and legal issues, different cannabis delivery methods, and more.

The Importance of Knowing Your Pharmacist

Pharmacist Debby Johnson explains the important role pharmacists play as they interact with patients, how computer technology has become an indispensable tool and offers advice when insurance companies deny coverage for prescription drugs.

Digital Health Records

Digital health records—are they safe and secure? Gary Cohen, Vice President of Government Affairs at Blue Shield of California, discusses what bringing healthcare into the digital age means. How are your personal healthcare records kept safe, secure, and yet accessible to your healthcare providers? How can the new technologies that help you monitor your health at home be integrated into your personal health records? Why are you still filling out a form with pen and paper when you visit a new doctor or specialist, or in the worst case, in the emergency room? We dive into these questions and more.

Price Transparency

Green and black illustration of doctors wearing masks

Most often, healthcare consumers do not know the real cost of health services. David Balat, a former hospital CEO, explains how consumers can find out the true costs of their healthcare.